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Carrie (1976)


Andrew Wyeth




this speaks to me on an emotional level


Gosh I can’t wait.

“I’d rather be dead than feeling these constant feelings of abandonment whenever you leave.”


I’m just always amused and impressed by the accuracy of the South Park goth kids.

“Tried to throw a stuffed animal away. Looked at it in the trash bag and felt bad for it. Got it back out and put it on my shelf. #bpdprobs”


Amanda Elizabeth Joseph

Amanda Elizabeth Joseph is an artist hailing from Fort Wwayne, Indiana, USA. There truly is a kind of disgusting beauty and revolting tenderness to Joseph’s paintings…nasty skin infections and herpes-like sores made of glittered sequins and ruby jewels. Kiss me

Joesph’s careful rendering of the imperfections of the skin (pimples, acne, skin blemishes and discoloration, etc.) is what adds that little cherry on top that successfully compliments the odd and colorful skin diseases that adorns the subjects’ skin in her series.


apmas more like