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SUBMITTER’S COMMENT: I’m actually submitting myself on here in hopes people will read this and take their time before getting a tattoo. I was 16 when I got this done (in Idaho, you could get tattooed at 14 with parental consent.) I brought in a very clear picture of the leaves, and told him I wanted it exactly like the picture. Needless to say, I did not get it. The stencil looked like the picture, but the tattoo did not. I went back in when I was 18 to see what could be done, only to find out that the guy who did mine was fired for terrible work. I’ve gotten it “fixed” as much as I could, now it just looks like black blobs on my chest. Trust with your artist is important. If you ever feel uncomfortable, don’t do it.

It’s Andy! :D I know her!

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